Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's a family affair...

Eating healthy is a family affair and in our home, even our pets get in on the action.  
"Kitty," our grand pet border collie,  scored big time recently when she stopped to receive a treat from Ryan Cummings, owner of Bones and Co. at the Austin Farmer's Market.  Ryan knows all about conventional pet food as he once worked in the industry. His life and his pet's life changed course when he discovered how switching to a Paleolithic diet helped him and his dog run faster. Since then, his mission is to provide and inform others about " biologically appropriate" diets for pets, free from grains and processed foods. Ryan says that his "raw food" provides pets with greater energy, shinier coats, smaller stools and  longer life spans.  You can find his pet food line at all Austin independent Pet stores and he plans to bring his goods to the north Texas area soon.

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