Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A cheap way to eat organic...

I know, I hear it all of the time... You want  to eat healthier, but  " it's too expensive to eat organic." Thankfully. I have found an answer to quell the objection. Drum roll please......Costco! Now before you roll your eyes, consider this. Their merchandising mix, food-wise has changed to now include organic foods. And some of these food items are the pricier ones you face sticker shock over when buying at Whole Foods. You'll find organic chicken, beef and even wild caught salmon at jaw dropping prices. And for kid's back to school snack items, the healthy choices are plentiful -like organic boxed juices, nuts, dried fruit and organic apple sauce.  I even snagged some ginger kombucha for my hubby.
You'll find the basics too, like organic eggs, sugar, butter, gluten free snacks, ketchup, olive oil, raw honey, cereals, milk, apples, bananas and more- all at warehouse prices. Now, more than ever, you have cheaper choices for feeding your family. 

To your greater health,
Sharon xoxo

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