Monday, February 8, 2016

What ingredient you need to avoid to heal your leaky gut...

Think you are eating healthy by eating packaged organic roasted chicken breast deli meat? I thought so too, till I read it's ingredient list containing carrageenan. According to the "truth in" website, carrageenan is another name for msg. And it's been shown to cause gut inflammation- ( think "Leaky Gut".) I called Applegate and spoke with a pleasant representative named Shawn, expressing my concern about the carrageenan. And his response? He said that it is not msg, and is used to bind the meat, so  it can slice better. He also mentioned that their company is aware of consumer's concerns regarding this ingredient and they are "working to phase it out of their foods." ( But he didn't know when.)  He also said that Applegate's turkey deli meat, ( found BEHIND the deli counter) is their ONLY deli meat that doesn't contain carrageenan. I like Applegate's commitment to organic, antibiotic,nitrate free, gluten and casein free meats. Hopefully, we'll see the elimination of carrageenan, for our greater health. 
And if you want to affect change, make your voice heard by calling them at 866-587-5858.

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