Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anxious or depressed? Two lab tests you may want to take before getting on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds

I've decided it's time to open up and discuss a subject near and dear to my heart that I've gained victory over and hope that by my sharing, it may help someone else. 

So, I'm going to start with a personal question. How are you doing? Most people, when asked that question, will answer "fine." And think they mean it. But, since it's the socially correct thing to say, it might not always be the truth. So, let me ask you another question and I hope you will be honest with yourself. Do you struggle with depression or anxiety? Are you presently on an anti depressant or anti anxiety med  (or considering getting on them? ) If so, I understand your pain first hand! 

For years, I was on everything from A to Z (Anafranil to Zoloft), experiencing all of the common side effects known to these classes of meds like weight gain, bloating, dry mouth, mood swings, agitation, anxiety, fatigue, lethargy, hair loss, acne, memory problems and fuzzy thinking. 

Then one day I attended a lecture by Dr. William Walsh PhD and it literally changed my life! 

In that lecture, I learned about two physiological disorders that turned out later after testing, to be the root cause of my depression and anxiety, (and may be the root cause of yours too.)

The disorders are 1) High Copper, ( a heavy metal) and 2) Pyroluria. The two lab tests that you need to determine if these disorders are a problem for you are 1) a copper blood serum panel test and 2) a kryptopyroles test (urine).

High copper can cause depression, anxiety and even post partum depression for women during their child bearing years. It can affect learning as well. And it can cause anger and rage. 

And Pyroluria, or Pyrrole Disorder, is
an abnormality in biochemistry where
the body creates and excretes too many pyrrole  molecules, depleting zinc and b6, ( the nutrients necessary for creating serotonin )

Symptoms of Pyrrole Disorder include:

.inner tension
.extreme anxiety 
.extreme mood swings
.poor memory, especially short term
.joint pain
.frequent infections
.sensitivities to light,sound or odors
.poor stress control
.white spots on fingernails
.morning nausea
.trouble remembering dreams
.severe depression
.stretch marks
. delayed puberty
. learning disabilities like ADHD 

The good news is, these disorders  are treatable using nutrients instead of medicines with all of their unpleasant side effects! ( Of course, you'll want to check with your doctor first, before discontinuing any prescribed meds.)

I'm living proof that you can be happy again, without meds and loving life!! If you'd like more information about these two disorders and the nutrient protocol that helped me, contact me today at Feedbackhealthcoach