Health Coaching Services

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Health Coaching Services
A La Carte Menu 
Everywhere you look in the news or on the internet, you’ll find articles on health. It can get confusing, with a lot of misinformation. Thankfully, there’s a trusted resource you can go to for answers. It all starts with a great foundation:

1) The L.E.A.N. Start Workshop- is a foundational, comprehensive 6 hour prevention class for parents with up to the minute health information, designed by Dr.William Sears,“America’s Pediatrician.” A best selling author of over 40 books, his science based facts draw from leading experts in children’s health, nutrition and fitness.Delivered in a fun, casual classroom environment of three, 2 hour classes , you’ll sit among friends while enjoying a snack, and learn 4 pillars of health addressing Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition, and much more (A workbook is included). Questions welcomed!
$20 per class

2) Private Consultations- are one on one, personalized, confidential, and customized programs with your personal health goals  in mind.  Initial Consultations - a thirty minute introduction and overview which includes a pre-assessment with goal setting. $30 Wellness checks - To check and applaud progress, address hindrances, tweek program, cast new vision, or provide emotional support. 
$15 for 15 minutes
$30 for 30 minutes
$60 for one hour

3) Customized Group Presentations- Perfect for Corporate Wellness Education, various women’s organizations, Mom’s groups, churches-or anywhere parents congregate. I speak on a range of issues related to health and wellness and can tailor the talks within the time allotted. An honorarium is appreciated for church talks and my speaking fee for corporations is:
$60 per hour

4) Pantry makeovers- Let’s get the junk out of your life!  I offer a 2 hour home visit featuring -a discussion on goal setting- a review of healthy foods permitted -an education on food ingredients to avoid-and how to read food labels 
$69 - Basic Pantry Makeover - You throw it out! 
$129 - Clean Sweep Pantry Makeover - I throw it out!  (*especially helpful when starting a new program, to resist temptation.)

5) Smart Shopping 101-Overwhelmed by the choices offered at the grocery store and not sure what to buy for optimal health?  Schedule a smart shopping trip with me, one on one, and let’s tackle it together.  I’ll address your individual health concerns, discuss an overview of healthy foods permitted, and deliver an eye opening experience, educating you on the ingredients you’ll need to buy (and avoid) for your family’s optimal health. Bring a pad and pencil! Choices of stores include: Krogers, Sprouts, Whole Foods.
$69 for a 2 hour shopping trip

6) Prime Time Health- Designed for the aged 50+ client, this scientifically proven plan has valuable information for feeling young and living longer, with a great quality of life! Come learn how to prevent disease, sharpen thinking, boost energy and take charge of your health!  Three, 2 hour classes delivered in a relaxed, interactive environment, sitting among new friends, you’ll hear “science made simple” with health concepts you can apply in your daily life. Snacks included! Unlike doctors, I make house calls and take private phone calls! 
$60 for three, 2 hour classes

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